THE 6 Wedding Planners in Columbia, SC you NEED to Interview!

What can a Columbia wedding planner do for you?

Planning and then executing a successful wedding can take a lot of work. Brides are typically going to be busy enough with their careers that they’re simply not going to have the time and energy to cover every essential detail in planning a wedding, which means dealing carefully with multiple deadlines and budgetary constraints. Planning a wedding is a complicated job that involves a lot of stress and time. Also, the average engagement runs a year up to 16 months, so the process of planning a wedding runs a long time too. All this means that it makes sense to at least consider possibly hiring a wedding planning professional to help you out.

Professional wedding planners are the experts who can make your magical day far less stressful and also highly organized. It might be an investment of several thousand dollars, but you’ll save yourself a lot of time, as well as money, and you’ll have a lot of peace of mind. They’ll be ready to help you out with many issues, including legal and financial matters, design decisions, and etiquette details. They’ve got the experience of having handled many weddings before, so they know how to work with vendors of all sorts within your budget and personal tastes, helping you find photographers, venues, flowers, and other professional wedding services. In short, they can help you cover every detail that you know of, and also quite a few you don’t know about or might forget.
If you happen to be getting married near the center of the Palmetto State, you might want to check out the services of the following wedding planners who are based out of the capital city of Columbia in South Carolina.

Six of the best wedding planners in Columbia:

With over a decade of experience in the wedding planning business, Jessica can create a wedding for you that is Southern and yet modern at the same time.

This full-service wedding planner handles events across South Carolina but also North Carolina and Georgia too.

Make your magical day a memory to cherish forever by using the sophisticated services of this experienced wedding planner and their many connections.

This business handles not just local weddings, but also the nearby cities of Charlotte and Greenville, as well as the always romantic Charleston. Their services can be scaled from small, intimate weddings to larger affairs with quite a crowd.

From flowers to photos, this wedding planner service handles details of your day from end to end.

Featured in The Wedding Row, Carolina Bride, and Huffington Post Weddings, this wedding planner service emphasizes design, details, and dreams in their wedding designs and day-of logistics. They only handle a limited number of events a year in order to have time to handle the meticulous work involved.

Wedding planners like the ones on this list can help you do the things listed above, as well as evaluate vendor contracts and suggest any needed clarifications before you sign them. They can also organize and then attend the wedding rehearsal dinner and finalize your wedding program. Along the way, they’ll make recommendations regarding wedding officiants, wedding dress fittings, reception venues, florists, caterers, bands, and much more.

The great thing is that most wedding planners offer several types of packages. You may need a consultation only, wedding day coordination, or full service planning and event design. Most planners will have an option that fits your needs, just be sure to ask!

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