Cameron and Melissa’s Engagement Session in Swansea, SC

I always love hearing clients tell me they have family or friends who own some land or have a farm, and they want to use it for their engagement photos. I also love small towns in South Carolina, so going to Swansea was an added bonus.

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Cameron and Melissa had a few great ideas for their engagement session.

1. Bring your dog (or other pet) and dress them for the occasion. I love the bow tie for Nate when Cameron and Melissa were wearing their more formal outfit. Awesome idea. I also love that we were able to leave Nate in the back of the truck, but still incorporated him into some of the photos while he was just hanging out doing his thing!
2. Incorporate a vehicle you love. Cameron loves his truck, so we made sure to find a way to get it into the session. If you have a truck, sports car, a car that is a family heirloom, or a vehicle that fits the location (a truck is great for the farm, a boat is great for the lake, and a limo could be awesome for downtown), its a great way to make your photos unique!
3. Get a few “dressy” shots, but spend the majority of your time in something that makes you feel comfortable. Melissa said it best when they put on their jeans. “This just feels like… us!” Always be yourself (unless you can be batman…).

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