The Millstone at Adams Pond

Genuine historic Southern charm.

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Extremely flexible.

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The Flagship “Southern Way” Experience.

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The Millstone at Adams Pond is one of the most beautiful wedding venues in Columbia, SC.

The venue is set on an expansive estate dating back to the 1700s! The property not only includes the pond, but also a pecan grove, a creek, beautiful driveways, a variety of plants, and this is one of the only wedding venues in Columbia where you will find Spanish Moss!

The house has an authentically historic feel, but also provides the necessary modern amenities needed for a comfortable wedding reception. You can also use the venue during your preparation, as a full bridal suite and grooms room are included upstairs!

One of the best parts about Adams Pond is the variety and flexibility of layouts that are possible. You can have your ceremony on the front brick patio overlooking the pond, on the back patio behind the house, or even get creative and have the ceremony on the bridge or driveway. It is easy to bring in a tent as a backup for bad weather, and you could always move inside in a pinch! For the reception, you can have an open air party under the cafe lights out back, or bring everyone inside to dance on the sprung floor!

And of course you’ll also love the fact that you get the amazing service and delicious food from Southern Way Catering!

We’ve photographed dozens of weddings at Adams Pond, and every one has been wonderfully unique! You don’t need to do do any work to take advantage of the natural beauty, and with a little creativity, you can make the space your own.

From a photography standpoint, there are plenty of places to take photos on the property! We’ve been at the venue in every type of weather, in every season, and at every time of day, and we have never been disappointed in the photos we captured.

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Owned By: Southern Way Catering

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Address: 5301 Bluff Road Columbia, SC 29209

Phone Number: (803) 783-5732

The Millstone At Adams Pond is one of my favorite wedding venues in Columbia, SC

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